Why & When to Partner With a Content Writing Agency

why and when you need a content writing agency

The Use Of Content Writing Agency

It’s a no-brainer that blogs, articles, videos, posts on social media, and many more formats are primarily used as tools to teach and inform people on the internet. 

It’s also a method to increase your web presence and be successful.

In that case, creating well-informative content that grips and interests should be everyone’s go-to way to increase their traffic (maybe even higher rate of conversions) and web quality with the search engines. It’s a win-win!

Sounds easy right? Well…not exactly

First off, do you know what makes a piece of content good

Sure everyone can write, and after you have cracked a few eggs we are certain you’d make a good breakfast.

But how long would it take you to make a dish with spicy keywords and catchy headlines that entertain and convert your audience? A bowl of magic that sings and dances, that would make even the little Remy from Ratatouille proud.

Probably a bit longer…

Check this interesting find from the Content Marketing Institute.

It states that more than 50% of B2B organizations decide to outsource their content creation tasks to specialists.

does your b2b outsource any content writing table

Up to 75% in a large corporation environment

And how it reflects when it comes to success.

The success when outsourcing

This shows organizations have the benefit and need to partner up with content writing agencies.

So how do you know if you are in the need bracket?

Identifying the Right Time for SEO Content Creation Services

Identifying the Right Time for SEO Content Creation Services

Before making a deliberate choice if there really is a need to contact a content writing agency, we suggest going over these checkboxes.

1. Do you know who you need to reach?

  • Are you familiar with your target audience?

  • Their interests?
  • Do you speak their lingo?

  • Can you create content that aligns with their intent in an interactive way?

  • Basically, how well do you understand them?

Sometimes entering a new market will require new expertise. Each industry is different.

2. Are you tight with time?

  • Are your resources stretched thin?

  • Do you often struggle to meet the deadline?

How much does it translate into a lower volume of content production and quality?

3. Not satisfied with results?

  • How do you know your current content strategy is working?

  • Are your expectations a bit too high?

  • If need be, how easily could you change them and implement a new strategy?

  • And do you have a system to measure the results of the changes?

  • Maybe your approach is good but you don’t know how to optimize it.

 In such scenarios, you’d be a good candidate to team up with a content writing agency to bolster your content development efforts and drive meaningful results.

Why Partner With a Content Writing Agency

Why Partner With a Content Writing Agency


Probably the biggest reason why people decide to reach out to a professional agency is the quality of content they can produce. They have a team of experienced writers at their disposal.

These word-magicians can adapt to each industry and niche while maintaining proficiency in making high-quality, compelling content. Which is extremely important when attracting and maintaining audience interest.

Time Aspect

Doing thorough research, writing, editing, and optimizing phrases. All of this is time-consuming work. By outsourcing to a specialized agency you can delegate tasks, lifting the pressure from you and your team to make great content and hit the deadline. 

You can finally dedicate yourself to other tasks like customer service or product development you’ve been putting away for far too long.

SEO Benefits

As we mentioned, everybody can write after some practice. However, to create a concoction that your audience and search engines like? You are going to need a little magic, and these agencies possess mages that can par even to Dumbledore himself.

With SEO-infused content, it reaches its intended audience, thereby boosting website traffic, lead generation, and, ultimately, sales. Here’s where the transformation occurs.

Consistent Brand Voice

Before knowing your audience and business, agencies get familiar with your goals. Through close communication, they get the picture of what your brand’s mission and values are.

With this information, they’ll produce content that aligns with your message and voice. A strong voice that cultivates a sense of reliability and trust.

Considering reaching out? Get your free content writing proposal.

Still Not Sure When to Partner With A Content Writing Agency?

At GetResults, we begin with a free proposal to ascertain what your goals and ambitions are, and if we are a good fit for one another. After the consultation, we start making a customized content strategy. During the development, we keep regular communication so we can incorporate feedback and suggestions. After the client is satisfied with the delivered content, we maintain monitoring and analyzing the performance of the content for potential future improvement.

Over time, we can measure the success by looking at various metrics:

  • Changes in website traffic

  • Search engine rankings

  • Engagement rates (likes, shares, comments)

  • Conversion rates

  • Return on investment  (ROI) 

With the data from the metrics, we extract how effective the current strategy is and make informative future content decisions.

Things to look for when choosing the right agency for you:

  • Check their track record in your industry or niche

  • Reviews from previous clients

  • How’s their communication and transparency

  • Are they inside your budget
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