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5000% monthly traffic growth and 600% DR growth for a cookie shop site


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Let's Meet Medenjaci Na Poklon

Our journey with Medenjaci Na Poklon, an innovative online gingerbread cookie shop, marks a significant milestone in digital marketing achievements. Initially focusing predominantly on social media for their marketing efforts, the brand sought to enhance its organic search presence.

Recognizing the potential for growth through improved SEO strategies, our team embarked on a comprehensive plan aimed at transforming their online visibility and domain rating.


Initial Analysis

The starting point presented us with a fresh domain and website, necessitating the development of a foundational link-building strategy from the ground up.

Understanding the importance of a diversified link portfolio, we prioritized the creation of business directory listings alongside our efforts in securing editorial links and guest posts.

Creating Our Strategy

We needed to create an effective strategy before we start our link building efforts. Multifaceted approach was designed to lay a solid SEO foundation, essential for driving significant traffic and domain rating improvements.

However, after the initial analysis we had a pretty good idea of what needs to be done:


1. Social Media Profiles

Recognizing the brand’s existing focus on social media, we aimed to optimize and expand their presence across new platforms. This helped in not only improving engagement but also in driving direct traffic and supporting link-building efforts.

2. Business Directory Profiles

Creating profiles in relevant business directories was a crucial step. Ensuring consistency in Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) across listings helped improve local SEO, making it easier for customers to find Medenjaci Na Poklon online.

3. Editorial Link Building

We leveraged relationships with high-authority websites to secure editorial backlinks. These links, coming from well-regarded sources within and related to the food industry, significantly bolstered the site’s credibility and search engine ranking.

4. Guest Post Link Building

Crafting and placing guest posts on reputable sites not only provided valuable backlinks but also positioned Medenjaci Na Poklon as a thought leader in the cookie and baking niche.

Innovative Expansion

The initial strategies laid a strong SEO foundation, but we didn’t stop there. Our research indicated untapped opportunities in niche-specific content creation, leading us to:

5. Guest Post Recipes on Cooking Sites

By contributing high-quality, engaging gingerbread cookie recipes to popular cooking and baking websites, we could tap into a passionate audience eager for new baking ideas. These guest posts served dual purposes: they attracted direct traffic from interested readers and established valuable, contextually relevant backlinks to Medenjaci Na Poklon.

6. Creative Link Building

Embracing creativity, we sought opportunities for link building that went beyond traditional methods. This included participating in online baking forums, collaborating with food bloggers for reviews, and leveraging holidays and seasonal trends to secure timely and thematic backlinks.


The comprehensive and innovative approach to link building and SEO optimization resulted in a staggering 5000% monthly traffic growth and a 600% increase in domain rating for Medenjaci Na Poklon.

Through strategic planning, creative execution, and continuous adaptation, we were able to significantly enhance their online visibility, proving that a well-rounded and innovative SEO strategy can lead to remarkable success in the highly competitive online marketplace.

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